Doctorates' Information System

     Dinesh Kumar R

Ph.D. fromIndian Institute of Technology Kharagpur - Biotechnology
Supervisor(s)  Prof. Ramkrishna Sen and Prof. Sukanta K Dash
Ph.D. status  Joined in 2012 :: Completed in 2016
AddressBioprocess and Bioproduct Development Laboratory, Department of Biotechnology, IIT Kharagpur
Formal Education
Exam / Degree Board / UnivBranchYear
M.Tech.Anna University ChennaiBiotechnology2011
B.Tech.Anna University ChennaiBiotechnology2008
12Tamil Nadu State BoardMaths and Science2004
10Tamil Nadu State BoardMaths and Basic Science2002

Research Areas
  • Microalgal Biorefinery for potential healthcare, energy and environmental applications
  • Microalgae mediated flue gas Carbon dioxide sequestration
  • Broad Research Area include Bioprocess Engineering and Algal Biotechnology

  • Design and operation of closed photo-bioreactors and raceway ponds for microalgal cultivation
  • Downstream processing techniques for bioproduct development and formulation
  • Characterization of biodiesel and high-value carotenoids or pigments
  • Analytical Techniques- Gas Chromatography, HPLC
  • Advanced modeling and optimization technique using ANN-PSO

  • DST-INSPIRE Fellowship
  • GATE 2010
  • Travel Grant from IIT Kharagpur to attend Asian Congress on Biotechnology conference, Malaysia
  • First Rank holder at M.Tech level (Gold Medalist)

  • Worked as a Trainee-Engineer (2008-2009) at Ind Frag Private Limited, Hosur, Tamil Nadu

Teaching Experience
  • Enzyme Technology Lab(P) at Department of Biotechnology, IIT Kharagpur 2015-2016 (1 terms)

Fellowships / Scholarships
  • INSPIRE Fellowship

Papers Published in Journals
  • Smart and reusable biopolymer nanocomposite for simultaneous microalgal biomass harvesting and disruption- An integrated downstream processing for sustainable biorefinery by Dineshkumar R, Paul A, Gangopadhyay M, Singh NDP and Sen R ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering 5, 852-861 (2017)
  • Development of an optimal light-feeding strategy coupled with semi-continuous reactor operation for simultaneous improvement of microalgal photosynthetic efficiency, lutein production and CO2 sequestr by Dineshkumar R, Subramanian G, Dash S K and Sen R Biochemical Engineering Journal 113, 47-56 (2016)
  • Process integration for microalgal lutein and biodiesel production with concomitant flue gas CO2 sequestration- A biorefinery model for healthcare, energy and environment by Dineshkumar R, Dash S K and Sen R RSC Advances 5 (90), 73381-73394 (2015)
  • An advanced hybrid medium optimization strategy for the enhanced productivity of lutein in Chlorella minutissima by Dineshkumar R, Dhanarajan G, Dash S K and Sen R Algal Research 7, 24-32 (2015)
  • Integrated In situ transesterification for improved biodiesel production from oleaginous yeast- A value proposition for possible industrial implication by Chopra J, Dineshkumar R, Bhaumik M, Dhanarajan G, Kumar RR and Sen R RSC Advances 6(74), 70364-70373 (2016)
  • Modelling of oxygen-evolving-complex ionization dynamics for energy-efficient production of microalgal biomass, pigment and lipid with carbon capture- An engineering vision for a biorefinery by Subramanian G, Dineshkumar R and Sen, R RSC Advances 6 (57), 51941-51956 (2016)

Papers Presented at Conferences
  • Development of Optimal Cultivation Strategies for Improved Lutein Productivity and CO2 Sequestration Rate of Microalga Chlorella minutissima by Dineshkumar R, Subramanian G, Dash S K and Sen R Asian Congress on Biotechnology (ACB) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2015)
  • Performance characteristics of airlift photo-bioreactor and improved lutein production by a microalga Chlorella minutissima using statistical screening of nutritional parameters by Dineshkumar R, Rangarajan V and Ramkrishna Sen Bioprocessing India Conference IIT Delhi (2013)

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