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     Subhasis Mandal

Ph.D. fromIndian Institute of Technology Kharagpur - Chemical Engineering
Supervisor(s)  Prof A K Jana
Ph.D. status  Joined in 2011 :: In progress
Address14 P C Bose Lane Krishnanagar Nadia
Formal Education
Exam / Degree Board / UnivBranchYear
M.Tech.NIT DurgapurChemical Engineering2009
B.Tech.WBUT/ Heritage Institute of TechnologyChemical Engineering2007

Research Areas
  • Hydrogen Energy, Modeling simulation
  • Gas Hydrates
  • Biochemical treatment of wastewater

  • FORTRAN, Matlab coding

Papers Published in Journals
  • A Simple Thermo-Physical Model for Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium of the Reactive HIx (HI-H2O-I2-H2) System by Mandal, S. and Jana, A. K. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 10,1-05 (2014)
  • Prediction of Phase Equilibria of HIx System using Artificial Neural Network Experimental Verification by Mandal, S., and Jana, A. K International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 38, 1244-1250 (2013)
  • A statistical approach for optimization of media components for phenol degradation by Alcaligenes faecalis using Plackett Burman and response surface methodology by Subhasis Mandal , Biswanath Bhunia , Anuj Kumar , Dalia Dasgupta , Tamal Mandal, Siddhartha Datta , Pinaki Bhattacharya Desalination and Water Treatment 51,6058-6069 (2013)
  • Treatment of leather industry wastewater by aerobic biological and Fenton oxidation process by Tamal Mandal, Dalia Dasgupta, Subhasis Mandal, Siddhartha Datta Journal of Hazardous Materials 180,204-211 (2010)
  • Bacteria isolated from waste water effluent of Durgapur steel plant, Durgapur, West Bengal by Mandal,S., Bhunia,B., Dasgupta,D., Mandal,T., Datta,S. and Bhattacharya,P. GenBank flat file JF339228 (2011)

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