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     Dhrubajyoti Datta

Ph.D. fromIndian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur - Department of Chemistry
Supervisor(s)  Prof. Tanmaya Pathak, Prof. Swagata Dasgupta
Ph.D. status  Joined in 2009 :: Completed in 2014
AddressIISER Pune
Formal Education
Exam / Degree Board / UnivBranchYear
M.Sc.Kalyani University, Nadia, West BengalChemistry2007
B.Sc.University of KalyaniChemistry (Honours)2005
10W.B.B.S.ELanguage, Science and Arts2000

Research Areas
  • Bio-Organic Chemistry

  • Synthesis in Organic Chemistry
  • Analysis and execution of Biochemical experiments
  • Operation of 200 MHz NMR, Bruker
  • Operation of LCT Micromass, Waters
  • Operation of Xevo G2 QTOF Mass spetrometer, Waters

  • UGC(NET) 2007 (December)
  • CSIR (NET) 2008
  • CSIR (NET) 2008 (December)
  • Prof. B.S. Thyagarajan Silver Medal (2009)

  • Research experience in Synthetic Bioorganic chemistry for five and half years.
  • Work experience of 15 months in Ranbaxy Lab. Ltd

Teaching Experience
  • Physical Chemistry(P) at Department of Chemistry, IIT Kharagpur 1.5 Years (3 terms)
  • Physical Chemistry(T) at Department of Chemistry, IIT Kharagpur 2 Years (4 terms)

Fellowships / Scholarships
  • CSIR Individual Fellowship

Papers Published in Journals
  • A Rationally Designed Thymidine-Based Self-Assembled Monolayer on a Gold Electrode for Electroanalytical Applications by Dhrubajyoti Datta, Raj Kumar Bera, Saibal Jana, Bhaskar Manna, Debayan Roy, Anakuthil Anoop, C. Retna Raj, Tanmaya Pathak, Chem. Asian J. 10, 1554-1560 (2015)
  • Templating effect of 1,5-disubstituted 1,2,3-triazole-linked disaccharides on size, shape and antibacterial activity of silver nanoparticles. by Anirban Kayet, Dhrubajyoti Datta, Ganesh Kumar, Anindya Sundar Ghosh, Tanmaya Pathak RSC Adv. 4, 63036-63038 (2014)
  • Ribonuclease A Inhibition by Carboxymethylsulfonyl-Modified Xylo- and Arabinopyrimidines by Dhrubajyoti Datta, Swagata Dasgupta, Tanmaya Pathak ChemMedChem 9, 2138-2149 (2014)
  • Synthesis of 5-carboxymethylsulfonyl-5-deoxyribonucleosides under mild hydrolytic conditions A new class of acidic nucleosides as inhibitors of ribonuclease A by Dhrubajyoti Datta, Anirban Samanta, Swagata Dasgupta, Tanmaya Pathak RSC Adv. 4, 2214-2218 (2014)
  • 3 Oxo, amino, thio and sulfone acetic acid modified thymidines Effect of increased acidity on ribonuclease A inhibition by Dhrubajyoti Datta, Anirban Samanta, Swagata Dasgupta, Tanmaya Pathak Bioorg. Med. Chem. 21, 4634-4645 (2013)
  • A Coordination-Assisted General Approach to Nickel-Based Nano Metallogels by Santu Dey, Dhrubajyoti Datta, Kaustav Chakraborty, Surajit Nandi, Anakuthil Anoop, Tanmaya Pathak RSC Adv. 3, 9163-9166 (2013)
  • A Metal-Free, Green and General Route to 1,5-Disubstituted-1,2,3-triazoles by Santu Dey, Dhrubajyoti Datta, Tanmaya Pathak Synlett 17, 2521-2524 (2011)

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