Doctorates' Information System

     Prasenjit Mondal

Ph.D. fromIndian Institute of Technology Kharagpur - Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
Supervisor(s)  Prof. Jayanta Mukhopadhya and Prof. Shamik Sural
Ph.D. status  Joined in 2009 :: In progress
AddressC/O- Prof. Jayanta Mukhopadhya, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Formal Education
Exam / Degree Board / UnivBranchYear
M.Tech.West Bengal University of TechnologyComputer SCience and Engineering2008
M.Sc.Vidyasagar UniversityComputer Science2005
B.Sc.Vidyasagar UniversityComputer Science2003
12West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary EducationScience2000

Research Areas
  • Image and Video Processing
  • Medical Image Processing

  • C
  • Microsoft Visual C plus plus
  • C Sharp
  • J2ME
  • Matlab
  • OpenCV
  • OpneGL

  • University Gold Medal from West Bengal University of Technology (in 2008) for getting highest marks in M.Tech examination.
  • University Gold Medal from Vidyasagar University (in 2005) for getting highest marks in M.Sc examination.
  • University Silver Medal from Vidyasagar University (in 2003) in B.Sc examination.

Papers Published in Journals
  • A Robust Method for Ventriculomegaly Detection from Neonatal Brain Ultrasound Images by Prasenjit Mondal, Jayanta Mukhopadhyay, Shamik Sural, Arun Kumar Majumdar, Bandana Majumdar, Suchandra Mukherjee, Arun Singh International Journal of Medical Systems, Springer Volume 36, Issue 5, Page 2817-2828 (2012)

Papers Presented at Conferences
  • A User Interactive Method for Measuring Lateral Ventricle Width in Neonates by P. Mondal, J. Mukhopadhyay, S. Sural, A. K. Majumdar, A. Biswas, A. Singh and S. Mukherjee International Conference on Systems in Medicine and Biology (ICSMB2010) 315-319 (2010)
  • An Efficient Model-Guided Framework for Alignment of Brain MR Image Sequences by Prasenjit Mondal, Jayanta Mukhopadhyay, Shamik Sural, Pinak Pani Bhattacharyya IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (IEEE SMC 2012) 2201-2206 (2012)
  • Real-time Retrieval System for Heritage Images by Sumit Mishra, Jit Mukherjee, Prasenjit Mondal, Shashaank M. Aswatha, Jayanta Mukherjee International Conference on Emerging Research in Electronics, Computer Science and Technology (ICERECT 2012) Accepted (2012)
  • High Resolution 3-D MR Image Reconstruction from Multiple Views by Prasenjit Mondal, Jayanta Mukhopadhyay, Shamik Sural, Pinak Pani Bhattacharyya The Eighth Indian Conference on Vision, Graphics and Image Processing (ICVGIP 2012)) 1-8 (4) (2012)
  • An Efficient SMS-Based Framework for Public Health Surveillance by Prasenjit Mondal, Prashant Desai, Soumya K. Ghosh, Jayanta Mukhopadhyay IEEE EMBS Special Topic Conference on Point-of-Care Healthcare Technologies (IEEE POCHT 2013) 244-247 (2013)

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