Doctorates' Information System

     Anshu Singh

Ph.D. fromIndian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur - Agricultural and Food Engineering Department
Supervisor(s)  Prof. Rintu Banerjee
Ph.D. status  Joined in 2009 :: In progress
AddressAgricultural and Food Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
Formal Education
Exam / Degree Board / UnivBranchYear
M.Tech.Indian Institute of Technology, KharagpurApplied Botany2009
M.Sc.University Of AllahabadBiotechnology2007
B.Sc.University of LucknowBotany, Zoology, Chemistry2005
12ISCEnglish, Hindi. Biology, Physics, Chemsitry2002
10ICSEEnglish,Hindi,Science,Social Science, Commerce,Maths2000

Research Areas
  • Food Biotechnology
  • Bioactive Peptides
  • Functional Food
  • Enzymology

  • Gate 2006- AIR220
  • GATE 2007-AIR66
  • Qualified CSIR NET JRF- 2007
  • Qualified ARS-NET 2010
  • Awarded CSIR foreign travel grant -2012

  • Study of growth kinetics of MCF-7 (Breast cancer line) cell line and its protein profiling summer training at CDRI, Lucknow

Fellowships / Scholarships
  • DBT scholarship during Post Graduation (M. Sc) Studies in the period of 2005-2007.
  • MHRD scholarship by Indian government for Post Graduation (M. Tech) in the period of 2007-2009.
  • CSIR Junior Research Fellowship during 2009-2011
  • CSIR Senior Research Fellowship during 2011-2014

Papers Published in Journals
  • Utilization of vegetable wastes for generation of bioenergy by Singh, A., Kuila, A., Adak, S., Bishai, M., Banerjee, R. Agricultural Research 2,1-10 (2012)
  • Use of fermentation technology on vegetable residues for value added product development A concept of zero waste utilization. by Singh, A., Kuila, A., Adak, S., Bishai, M., Banerjee, R. International Journal of Food and Fermentation Technology 2,173-184 (2012)
  • Process optimization for the extraction of polyphenols from okara by Singh, A., Kuila, A., Yadav, G., Banerjee, R Food Technology and Biotechnology 49, 322-328 (2011)
  • Process optimization for aqueous extraction of reducing sugar from cashew apple bagasse A potential, low cost substrate. by Kuila, A., Singh A., Mukhopadhyay M., Banerjee, R. LWT- Food Science and Technology 44,62-66 (2011)
  • Modeling and optimization of nutritionally enriched soy whey generation. by Chakrabarti, M., Gulati, T., Singh, A., Duvuuri, M., Banerjee, R., Journal of Food Process Engineering, 34,1775-1792 (2010)
  • Comparative studies on RSM and ANN-GA for optimization of soybean hydration. by Gulati, T., Chakrabarti, M., Singh, A., Duvuuri, M., Banerjee, R. 2010 Food Technology and Biotechnology. 48,11-18 (2010)

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