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     Sarat Chandra Mohapatra

Ph.D. fromIIT Kharagpur - Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture
Supervisor(s)  Professor Trilochan Sahoo
Ph.D. status  Joined in 2008 :: Completed in 2013
AddressOcean Engineering and Naval Architecture, IIT Kharagpur, India-721302
Formal Education
Exam / Degree Board / UnivBranchYear
M.PhilRavenshaw UniversityApplied Mathematics2005
M.Sc.Utkal UniversityMathematics2002

Research Areas
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Boundary Value Problems
  • Mathematical Techniques for wave interaction with Floating and Submerged Flexible Structures

  • Programming Language-MATLAB
  • Computer Qualification-PGDCA

  • Regular (Good Attendance) Student Award in High school level, 1994
  • 3rd Prize in Poster Presentation (theme- Coastal Zone Management) on Green Earth Day at IIT Kharagpur, Organized by OASTC, Ministry of Earth Science (MoES) in two consecutive years 2011, 2012.
  • DST-Foreign Travel Grant Award, April 2013
  • First Prize in Team for Quiz Competition on Green Earth Day at IIT Kharagpur, Organized by OASTC, Ministry of Earth Science (MoES) in 2013
  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • NBHM Post-Doctoral Fellowship, 2013

Teaching Experience
  • Mathematics(L) at U.N.College of Science and Technology, Adaspur, Cuttack 2007-2008 (1 terms)
  • Mathematics(L) at G.Sc. College Athagarh, Cuttack 2005-2007 (2 terms)

Fellowships / Scholarships
  • NRB, New Delhi
  • NBHM Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Papers Published in Journals
  • Surface gravity wave interaction with elastic bottom by S. C. Mohapatra and T. Sahoo., Applied Ocean Research, Elsevier, 33(1), pp.31-40 (2011)
  • On capillary gravity wave motion in two layer fluids by S. C. Mohapatra , D. Karmakar and T. Sahoo., J. Engineering Mathematics, Springer Verlag, 71(3), pp. 253-277 (2011)
  • Effect of compression on wave diffraction by a floating elastic plate by S. C. Mohapatra, R. Ghoshal and T. Sahoo J. Fluids and Structures, Elsevier, 36, pp. 124-135 (2013)
  • Wave interaction with floating and submerged elastic plate system by S. C. Mohapatra and T. Sahoo., J Engineering Mathematics, Springer Verlag, available online (2013)
  • Forced capillary-gravity wave motion of two-layer fluid in three-dimensions by S. C. Mohapatra and T. Sahoo., Meccanica, Springer Verlag accepted (2013)

Papers Presented at Conferences
  • Effect of submerged membrane on the attenuation of structural response of floating structures by S. C. Mohapatra and T. Sahoo., 57th Congress of Indian Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ISTAM - An International Meet), 17-20 Dec, Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (DU), Girinagar,Pune pp-20 (2012)
  • Fourier-type expansion formulae for water wave diffraction by submerged flexible structures by S. C. Mohapatra and T. Sahoo., 40th Annual Conference of Odisha Mathematical Society and National Conference on Fourier Analysis and Differential Equations, 29-30th Dec, School of Mathematical Sciences, Sambalpur University, Oral Presentation, (2012)
  • Effect of submerged flexible membrane on the structural response attenuation of Very Large Floating Structure structure(VLFS) by S. C. Mohapatra and T. Sahoo., National Workshop on Non-linear Waves Theory and Simulation, 14-18 January, (NWTS2013), Department of Mathematics, NIT Durgapur Oral Presentation (2013)
  • Expansion formula for velocity potential for wave interaction with floating and submerged structures by S. C. Mohapatra and T. Sahoo., 28th International Workshop On Water Waves and Floating Bodies, April 7-10, 2013, Domaine De Mousquety, France Proceedings, pp 153-156 (2013)

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