Doctorates' Information System

     Debarati Mukherjee

Ph.D. fromIndian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT KGP) - Geology and Geophysics
Supervisor(s)  Dr. Sanghamitra Ray
Ph.D. status  Joined in 2006 :: Completed in 2012
AddressGeological Studies Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, 203 B.T. Road, Kolkata 700 108, West Bengal, India
Formal Education
Exam / Degree Board / UnivBranchYear
M.Sc.Indian Institute of Technology, KharagpurGeological Sciences2006
B.Sc.University of CalcuttaGeology (Honours)2004
12West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary ExaminationScience with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology2000
10West Bengal Board of Secondary ExaminationMadhyamik Pariksha1998

Research Areas
  • Vertebrate paleobiology and bone histology
  • Taphonomy of vertebrate fossil assemblages
  • Gondwana Geology (stratigraphy, depositional environment))
  • Biochronology and Palaeobiogeography

  • Systematic fossil excavation and collection
  • Geological mapping
  • Mechanical and chemical fossil preparation
  • Thin section preparation for histology
  • Preparation of fossil specimens for SEM analysis
  • Workable knowledge in German language

  • Travel Grant for attending International Conferences, 2010, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)
  • All India Rank 23 in Geology, Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2006
  • Proficiency Award of 2006 for best thesis in M.Sc. (Geological Sciences), Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
  • All India Rank 04 (General Category) in Geophysics, Joint Admission Test to M.Sc (JAM) 2004
  • All India Rank 09 (General Category) in Geology, Joint Admission Test to M.Sc (JAM) 2004

  • Museum visit for comparative verteberate fossil study at Natural History Museum, London, UK (2010)
  • Museum visits in India to study vertbrate fossils at Geology Museum, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata (2012 and 2007) and Geology Museum, Geological Survey of India, Hyderabad (2011)
  • Extensive geological mapping, systematic fossil collection and sedimentological interpretation of various Gondwanan horizons in India with emphasis on the Rewa basin and Satpura basin
  • 2006-2012-Teaching Assistant for Paleontology (GG29003) and Applied Paleontology (GG43004) laboratory classes

Teaching Experience
  • Paleontology (GG29003) and Applied Paleontology (GG43004)(P) at Indian Institute of Technolgy, Kharagpur 2006-2012 (10 terms)

Fellowships / Scholarships
  • Senior Research Fellowship (Institute Category), Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
  • Junior Research Fellowship (Institute Category), Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
  • Merit cum Means Scholarship 2004-2006 Awarded by Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
  • The National Merit Scholarship of India, 2000, Government of West Bengal
  • The National Merit Scholarship of India, 1998, Government of West Bengal

Papers Published in Journals
  • Taphonomy of an Upper Triassic vertebrate bonebed-A new rhynchosaur accumulation from India by Mukherjee D. and Ray S. Paleogeography, Paleoclimatology, Paleoecology 333-334,75-91 (2012)
  • Upper Gondwana succession of the Rewa basin, India- understanding the interrelationship of lithologic and stratigraphic variables India by Mukherjee D., Ray S., Chandra S., Pal S., Bandyopadhyay S Journal of the Geological Society of India 79, 563-575 (2012)
  • Preliminary observations on the bone microstructure, growth patterns, and life habits of some Triassic temnospondyls from India by Mukherjee D., Ray S. and Sengupta D. P. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 30, 78-93 (2010)
  • Growth patterns of of fossil vertebrates as deduced from bone microstructure- case studies from India by Ray S., Mukherjee D. and Bandyopadhyay S Journal of Bioscience 34, 661-672 (2009)

Papers Presented at Conferences
  • Taphonomy of a New Upper Triassic rhynchosaur -Reptilia, Archosauromorpha- accumulation from India by Mukherjee D. and Ray S. International Palaeontological Congress Abstract volume, 288 (2010)
  • Depositional Environments and Paleoclimate Significance of a Late Triassic Fluvial Succession of the Rewa Gondwana Basin by Ray S., Ahmed Md. F. and Mukherjee D. National Seminar on Earth Resources, Environment and earth Sciences for Society and 12th National Convention of South Asian Association of Economic Geologists Abstract volume, 22-23 (2009)
  • Differing growth patterns and inferred life habits of the Triassic temnospondyls from India by Mukherjee D., Ray S. and Sengupta D. P. International Conference on Geology- Indian Scenario and Global context. Kolkata Abstract volume, 75 (2008)
  • Permo-Triassic fluvial succession of the Rewa Gondwana basin- stratigraphic architecture and depositional controls by Mukherjee D. 25th Annual Convention of Indian Association of Sedimentologists and National Seminar on Sedimentary Basins of India - Their Geological Significance and Economic Prospects Abstract volume, 7-8 (2008)

Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur-721 302, INDIA
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